Request Samples

The complete collection will be sold for € 150.00 (Excluding VAT and shipping costs) and consists of about 20 folders or bundles of various materials, 2 binders and some demonstration pieces in A4 format of the quilting.

Please note: The products marked with (*) are not part of the complete collection.

* Book Emotion/ Dreaming Collection: price € 90,00 (Excluding VAT and shipping costs).

* Additional folders: price € 7.50 each. (Excluding VAT and shipping costs).

You can request the purchase of 1 or more folders which will be invoiced at the price indicated above. The request for many folders may not be accepted and / or require long delivery times.

SAMPLES ARE NOT SHIPPED TO PRIVATE CUSTOMERS that will be invited by us to view them by our nearest dealer/upholsterer.



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