For over 55 years ITALVIPLA proposes technical fabrics, faux-leather and accessories for nautical upholstery.

This important milestone is the result of a constant commitment and a great passion that confirms the solidity and reliability of the company that has become a leader for longevity, competence and prestige. Based on years of experience and with a touch of “Italian style”, ITALVIPLA updates the collection every year, enriching it with new ideas and increasingly high-performance products to satisfy any demand from different kinds of exigent customers.

Most of products are ideated, designed and developed by Italvipla in collaboration with competent accredited laboratories and, once the desired result is achieved, we start the production availing to highly specialized suppliers able to guarantee the quality of the finished product. The great flexibility, also allows to satisfy special requests based on the customers needs and taste.

To complete the offer of products available in stock, Italvipla occasionally selects and evaluates materials proposed by other reliable suppliers that represent new and avant-garde ideas while maintaining high quality.

Sales and technical assistance are entrusted to internal staff and a network of trained sale agents operating both in Italy and abroad.

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