“STUOIA TRENDY” is a new alternative to the usual floor coverings made of “plastic fake wood”, linoleum or moquettes. Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or brushing it both dry and, if necessary, using water and mild soap (DO NOT use any floor chemical detergents)..
Self-posant, it can, however, be applied with glue or fixed at some points with specific carpets fixing buttons.

STUOIA TRENDY can be used in an outdoor and indoor areas, on boats areas as well as in poolside terraces, solarium and even in an enclosed spaces.
Good equilibrium-ratio of quality and price, it is currently available in four color variants : tortora, marmo, sabbia and deserto.

A richiesta disponibile in versione ignifuga con fondo in poliestere agugliato resinato.

Roll lenght: 18-20 meters.
Width: 200 cm.
Weight: 1.600 gr.mq (+- 5%).

Request Samples

01 Tortora
05 Grigio
02 Marmo
06 Blue
03 Sabbia
04 Deserto