With Sileather® you can cover everything from sunbeds to sofas, from armchairs to wall panels, from helm seat to dashboards and to decorative objects. Light and pleasant to the touch, it has a delicate appearance but it has got a real force when subjected to important stresses and bad weather, proving to be a truly unique high quality product.

Sileather® is TOTALLY free of chemicals harmful substances to health and the environment, has a high resistance to abrasion, fungi, mould and bacteria and responds to several standards of fire resistance.

By its nature, it does not retain or absorb humidity and dirt so it is very easy to clean simply with water and mild soap or in rare cases with diluted and low aggressive detergents that will allow it to have a long life.

Sileather® for its particular composition, is suitable for “eco friendly” projects in both automotive and building construction.

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Collezione Premier

Premier 120 Snow
Premier 303 Sandstone
Premier 312 Merlot
Premier 230 Navy
Premier 376 Pearl
Premier 326 Cotton
Premier 321 Pine
Premier 324 Onyx
Premier 300 Ivory
Premier 378 Cloud
Premier 225 Sapphire
Premier 323 Raisin
Premier 301 Cream
Premier 314 Stone
Premier 316 Peacok
Premier 110 Ink
Premier 325 Salt
Premier 310 Cherry
Premier 329 Spruce

Collezione Original

Original 301 Cream
Original 256 Rice
Original 314 Stone
Original 313 Amber
Original 378 Cloud
Original 329 Spruce
Original 230 Navy
Theory 301 Cream
Original 303 Sandstone

Collezione Theory

Theory 226 Citrouille
Theory 443 Milk
Theory 437 cachemire
Theory 435 Wool
Theory 300 Ivory
theory 436 Vanilla
Theory 378 Cloud
Theory 301 Cream
Theory 438 Incense
Theory 305 Smoke
Theory 321 Merlot
Theory 324 Onyx
Theory 439 Chocolate
Theory 224 Pecan
Theory 322 Midnight
Theory 374 Fire
Theory 230 Navy
Theory 510 Fern
Theory 512 Bluejay
Theory 511 Lagoon
Theory 513 Mist

Collezione Mustang

874U Oyster
Mustang 851U Fox
Mustang 870U Space
Mustang 857U Eggshell
Mustang 835U Winter
Mustang 863U Straw
Mustang 831U London

Sileather® 100% silicone

The next generation of Environmentally friendly and High performance fabrics is here.

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