A beautiful new product from 2020 that has a surprisingly similar texture to real fabric.
With Oxford you can cover products across a truly extensive range of applications, giving results that are both extremely pleasing to the eye and particularly easy to maintain and clean.

The technical characteristics are among the best on the market today for any outdoor vinyl fabric, placing it in the medium-high end product sector, that will surely be met with great interest.

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2020 Marble
2030 Ice Blue
2078 Cherry
2050 Nut
2035 Blue
2072 Petrol
2025 Sisal
2044 Stone
2077 Corn
2059 Brownie
2040 Iron
2055 Desert
2032 Mid Grey
2057 Mud
2079 Rose



All our faux leather can be ordered with various thicknesses of open cell foam on the backing or with different decorative patterns quilted with a special yarn or worked though high frequency welding. Both can be used for indoor and outdoor application. For more information visit our website page VARIOUS PROCESSES

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