ART. MITO – New vinyl fabric
Exceptionally Attractive. The new vinyl fabric MITO is an upholstery innovation.
It has high performance structural properties, creating high-quality surfaces in modern soft furniture.
It has a good abrasion resistance, flame-retardant , easy-care finish, fastness to light, anti-mould and bacteria treatment.
A fresh, trendy color spectrum with 14 classic shades.
An unmatched surface feel on touch similar to a suede leather. A refined look with fine microstructure and an elegant cloud print. MITO is a real upholstery innovation gives any covered surfaces character and richness.

Request Samples

166 snow
166 snow
Fintapelle Mito color choco
160 choco
Fintapelle Mito color slategrey
161 slate grey
Fintapelle Mito color lightbeige
150 light beige
153 ashgrey
Fintapelle Mito color cashmere
151 cashmere
Fintapelle Mito color anthracite
162 anthracite
Fintapelle Mito color sand
156 sand
Fintapelle Mito color lightblue
155 lightblue
152 birch
154 sage
Fintapelle Mito color nut
158 nut
Fintapelle Mito color terra
159 terra

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