Washable, breathable, lightweight, durable and thermoformable.
A revolution for our wellbeing. The most advanced Japanese technology is now also available for marine uses, in the form of the material that is revolutionizing the world of the padding, which we were unaware of until now.
BREATHAIR® is a weave of PELPRENE© fibers, an innovative thermoplastic polyester elastomer produced by the Japanese company TOYOBO, which is perfectly suited to the needs of durability and comfort required for quality padding.
PELPRENE© combines two materials that are usually not common, rubber and plastic, and can be processed by injection, hot stamping, extrusion etc.
The result is a three-dimensional material capable of withstanding up to 100 Kg/m3 and not absorbing any humidity or liquid in general, capable of maintaining its shape over time better than the more common polyurethane (foam rubber).
The fibers contained in it form a complex three-dimensional structure, which gives a BREATHAIR® unique characteristics in terms of breathability, durability and water repellency.

Using BREATHAIR® for boat outdoor cushions means being able to cover them with any type of fabric, for example a soft acrylic even non-waterproof or a beautiful vinyl leather with real quilting and seams that are usually avoided because they absorb water and make the internal padding soak which then becomes very difficult to dry quickly with all the resulting consequences.

If we want to talk about comfort, BREATHAIR® doesn't fear comparisons with closed cell rubber padding which is more compact and certainly less comfortable (those who have tried it can understand ...).

Color: neutral 
Sheets size: 100 x 200 cm (on demand different sizes for quantities)
Thicknesses:  20  – 40 – 50 – 60 – 80  mm
Density: 45kg/m3


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