Products used for covering walls and ceilings, available in over 30 light colors and different grains.

"BONDED PRODUCTS" are made from coated fabrics, microfibers or fabrics, to which a light open-cell soft foam padding (MPT) is added, with a thickness of 2 - 3 - 5 mm.
On request, a layer of needle-punched polyester (felt - TN) or jersey (light polyester fabric) is applied behind the foam to facilitate gluing or sewing.
Customer who doesn’t find the color of their choice in the standard “Bonded products” collection can choose any product from our general sample book and request it “BONDED”.

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Some examples

America 900 + G3 mm + TN
Tango 702 + G3 mm + TN
Trento 06 + G5 mm
Navigator 1100 + G3 mm + TN
Tokyo 266 + G5 mm + TN
Artico D18 + G3 mm + TN
Forato Pes. bianco + G3 mm