Various Nets

VARIOUS NETS for bottom of the cushions – shade effect – UV rays screen.


It is a highly performing network suitable for various uses: shade, windbreak, UV protection screen both outdoors and behind glass. Moreover, due to its high tensile strength it can also be used for outdoor furniture seating such as deckchairs, chairs, etc… It is sometimes also used for the background of high-end cushions.
It is made in a special high tenacity Polyester with 2 pvc coated sides.
Width: cm.220
Lenght: 25 meters (variable)
Weight: 560 gr.M2
Available in 6 colors: white, beige, grey, black, dark blu, dove grey, (others on request).


It is the most used net for the bottom of the cushions.
It is a cheaper and strong.
It is made in Polyester with 2 pvc coated sides
Width: cm.250
Lenght: 40-50 meters (variable)
Weight: 270 gr.M2
Available in 4 colors: white, beige, grey, black.


It is a popular light brethable fabric utilized for the bottom of the cushions.
It is 2 sides pvc coated but it maintain his light weight and could be used both inside or outside.
Economic, suitable for little or medium size cushions. It is anti mould treated.
Width: cm.150
Lenght: 40-50 meters (variable)
Weight: 200 gr.M2
Available in 3 colors: white, beige, grey.


It is a faux leather with little elasticity that through special machines is perforated to become breathable and therefore can be used for the underside of the cushions.
Elegant and quality, it is usually used for high-end cushions.
Alternatively it can be coupled with 3-4 mm of foam rubber to be applied on the ceilings of boats, cars, caravans, allowing the coated parts to “breathe and disperse heat more easily”.
Width: cm.140
Lenght: 40-50 meters (variable)
Weight: 620 gr.M2
Available in 2 colors: white, beige.