Rubber Padding

Airgomma – Rubber Foam Padding

Application: Cushions for outdoor and other applications
Closed-cell EVA foam, lightweight, floating, anti-mould, odourless and excellent elasticity.
Airgomma doesn’t absorb water, thus maintaining the cushion artificial leather or fabric covering perfectly dry and extending their duration over time.
Color : Off- white.
Comes in sheets of 100x200cm
Thicknesses: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 mm
Density: 30 kg/m3
Ultimate elongation: longitudinal 311%, transversal 235%
Tensile strength: 217 Kba
Heat stability: 85°C
Hardness (ISO R868):
SHORE 0 = Value 8
SHORE 00 = Value 36
Maximum water absorption in 28 days: <2%


DRY-FLY – Open cell padding layer

Application: Seat cushions for outdoor and various other uses.
Sheets made of wide open-cell thermo-bonded polyester for padding outdoor cushions. Its structure means that it is lightweight and does not retain water. As it drains so well, it dries quickly and is impervious to most moulds and bacteria (95%).DRY-FLY can be used alone or bonded with Airgomma closed-cell rubber. The result is a composite structure (Airgomma+DRY-FLY) which makes the padding in sun-loungers softer and more comfortable. Easy to cut and glue.
Available in beige
Comes in sheets of 100x200cm
Thickness: 20-30mm
Density: PPI/30


Breathair® 3D spring structure for padding use

Washable, breathable, lightweight, durable and thermoformable. A revolution for our wellbeing. The most advanced Japanese technology is now also available for marine uses, in the form of the material that is revolutionizing the world of the padding, which we were unaware of until now. Breathair is a high-tech material, designed to lighten the upholstery of the seats in Japanese high-speed trains; it keeps its shape over time and does not absorb moisture. You can now sit comfortably on sun-loungers and in the cockpit, even with a wet swimsuit.